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SlimTrac is manufactured by Trimble who are widely recognized as world leaders for their expertise in GPS technology. As a portable, low cost tracking solution, location of lost or stolen property is easy and affordable. With an enhanced GPS sensitivity mode, operation in concealed areas is very effective. This is an area where alternative products may fail in operation.

An AA battery operated SlimTrac will last up to 90 days in operation, based upon 10 daily reports. Alternatively the SlimTrac can be connected to a vehicle battery (9-32V DC input), offering a temporary power supply backup, should the power source be disconnected. SlimTrac integrates with third party application service providers, allowing a customized solution, flexibility of software upgrades and alternative products.

SlimTrac's Unique Market Leading Features:
  • GSM and GPS combined in a chipset
  • No external connections or antennas required
  • Tri-band GSM: 900/1800/1900 MHz for worldwide coverage
  • Enhanced sensitivity GPS engine
  • Application Service Provider software can be added to the unit
  • Complete end user package in IP55 housing (protected against water jet spray and dust protected
  • Up to 90 day performance from four AA alkaline batteries, including ten daily reports / SMS messages
  • Stores up to 128 position or status reports in memory
  • Optional 9-32V DC vehicle adapter module (power supply back up when power source is disconnected).
Extended Capabilities
SlimTrac with cover removed and without battery pack fittedThe SlimTrac locator capabilities have been expanded to include On-Demand Polling and Scheduled Reporting. These new features can be used in combination with other SlimTrac capabilities to satisfy the requirements of virtually any vehicle track and trace application.

Compact and Affordable
A completely self-contained end-user device, the SlimTrac locator is the size of a white board eraser and weighs 7.2 ounces without batteries. It is encased in a durable, lightweight, water-resistant housing. Internally, a GPS receiver and GSM modem are integrated onto a single board and are controlled by a common microprocessor.

The unparalleled level of integration, unique to the unit, enhances functionality and reliability, and enables the device’s small footprint and low cost. The SlimTrac locator periodically transmits position reports at a user selectable interval while in motion, upon demand or at a regularly scheduled time, all of which promotes power efficiency and dramatically reduces an application’s communications costs. The device can be signaled to alter reporting frequency according to application or end-user requirements.
Less Cost, More Discrete
The SlimTrac locator can be instantly placed inside a vehicle’s passenger glove compartment or under the seat. As a self-contained, battery-powered unit that has no external connections or antennas, it eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive installations associated with many other tracking devices. The enhanced GPS sensitivity of the SlimTrac locator permits the device’s placement in areas where conventional GPS may not work. It can be easily concealed inside a vehicle to prevent tampering or unauthorized removal, yet still be removed quickly because it has no external attachments.

Broad and Reliable Coverage
SlimTrac with battery pack fitted without coverThe SlimTrac locator is founded upon established technologies: GPS, which is truly global in nature, and GSM, which is the foremost wireless communications technology with the largest geographical coverage and the greatest number of subscribers. The SlimTrac locator offers not only world-class automotive-grade GPS performance, but employs an enhanced GPS sensitivity mode that allows limited operation indoors and in places where traditional GPS receivers will not work. It also supports the three major GSM frequency bands, specifically 900/1800 MHz (DCS) worldwide and 1900 MHz (PCS) in the United States.

Cost-effective and Secure Transmissions
Periodic position reports are sent as SMS (short message service) text messages over the GSM network, thereby providing secure and low-cost data transmission, while optimizing the battery life of the SlimTrac device.
Power Options Deliver Extended Performance
The SlimTrac locator can operate for up to 90 days on a set of four AA batteries during normal use with good GPS visibility. Easy to access batteries provide simple and low-cost maintenance and operation. For applications requiring more frequent position reports or other communications than can be adequately supported with batteries, the device can be connected to external power by using the optional Vehicle Adapter Module.

Vehicle Adapter Module Expands Capabilities
SlimTrac with Vehicle Adapter Module fitted The Vehicle Adapter Module is a plug-in module that replaces the standard battery pack to enable the SlimTrac locator to operate off vehicle power, more suitable for permanent installations. It includes a standby, rechargeable battery for continued position reporting even if vehicle power is disconnected. In the event of a vehicle theft, where disconnecting the vehicle’s main battery often silences car alarms, the device provides an extra measure of protection by quickly sending a status message and continuing to report position.

The Vehicle Adapter Module also allows the SlimTrac locator to monitor up to three types of switch inputs, greatly expanding the number of applications that service providers can offer. For example, it can monitor other on-board systems and devices, such as car alarms and driver-operated switches, to report status and modify its operation. The additional security measures may include, for instance, automatic notification and frequent position reporting in the event that a car alarm is armed or triggered, vehicle power is disconnected, or the driver activates a switch.

The device’s modular architecture allows for rapid development of new applications. Future generations of the device will include a variety of plug-in modules, provided by either Trimble or its partners, for added functionality.

Unmatched Service and Support
As the world’s leader in GPS technology since 1978, Trimble has an established worldwide presence. They are dedicated to providing systems integrators and service providers with 24/7 service and top-notch support in the form of training, application development and customization for the SlimTrac locator.
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